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Home » Women’s History Month And Health Tips | Wed. 3-1-23

Women’s History Month And Health Tips | Wed. 3-1-23

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Trump cherishes women! MTG is tough! Callers talk health, music, and lies! Most young men are single, young women not!

0:00:00 Wed, Mar 1, 2023 AD
0:01:50 Hey, guys! FH cotton tee
0:04:32 Trump: I cherish women
0:09:36 MTG exercising
0:14:42 MTG cusses toward Biden
0:16:22 MTG on [bleep] integrity
0:21:35 CPAC (RINO conference) today thru Sat
0:23:32 JAY, NH: Why the bleeping?
0:25:20 CJ, TX: Moderna per Wikipedia
0:33:04 CJ: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, probiotics, health!
0:40:38 Super: 12 Apostles, means no Paul!
0:42:20 ART, OH: (cussing, sorry!) Foreigners, Biden betrayal
0:52:10 12 yo black young man died on-field in NJ (Art tip)
0:57:23 “Agnus Dei” – Psalters (feat. Sepideh Vahidi)
1:01:03 Hassan: formula baby, antibiotics
1:05:22 Hassan: Music, chat takes on Jesus
1:08:25 SHANE, NY: Lori Lightfoot out! Gut, 2nd brain! Carnivore!
1:18:16 Super: Races… Doctors… Jesus vs Paul
1:23:27 ALEX, OK: Should I adopt kids? My black mama gf in 40s
1:32:07 NICK, UK: Muslim music? My 9yo listens to JLP!
1:43:58 Most young men single, young women not
1:53:47 Thanks! Supers: Music, Jesus vs Paul,
1:55:02 “Softly and Tenderly” – LN (2003, Novel)



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