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Traveling The Path To Success: Speaking, Mindset And Writing Tips From A Pro

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Join host Vassil Karamanov on this exciting episode of Conscious Travel as he interviews Amber Yabarra, an award-winning author, former pro curves model turned woman in construction, keynote speaker, and results-driven success mentor. Amber is the author of “Thriving into Thirty” and helps small business owners and entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge and use their voice on physical and digital stages through her Monetize the Mic Mastermind. Certified in the Science of Well-Being through Yale University, Amber has shared her work on National TV and in articles from NY Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, Voyage Dallas, Fox News, CNBC, Digital Journal, and more.

In this episode, Vassil and Amber dive into:

Travel: How travel has influenced Amber’s personal and professional growth.

Mindset: The mindset shifts that have propelled Amber to success.

Success: Amber’s journey from construction to public speaking and beyond.

Authorship: Insights into her book “Thriving into Thirty” and the writing process.

Public Speaking: Tips on mastering the art of public speaking and becoming a confident speaker.

Don’t miss out on Amber’s valuable tips and inspiring journey, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their travel experiences, mindset, and professional success.


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