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Home » The Basics Of Personal Finance – Bank On Charleston Summer Webinar #1

The Basics Of Personal Finance – Bank On Charleston Summer Webinar #1

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In this video Tavia Watson and Latasha Francis from Origin SC give an important lesson about Personal Finance.

Tavia Watson is a housing manager, workshop facilitator and HUD certified financial literacy counselor with Origin SC. Tavia has an extensive education with a Bachelor’s degree in education and a Masters degree in Human Services Psych Counseling. Tavia is dedicated to helping her community thrive by assisting, advocating and counseling individuals with the goal of helping them reach their full potential. Tavia likes to say that “The ability to reach one equals a job well job!”

Latasha Francis is a licensed HUD Certified Credit and Housing Counselor with Origin SC. She has extensive background experience in Healthcare Management and Finance. She loves assisting others achieve financial success through education, consistency, accountability, and determination. Her goal is to help Individuals and families build generational wealth and gain Financial Independence. She is currently working hard to assist clients in paving the pathway towards financial success. She strongly resonates with the quote “If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime”, and uses this philosophy to guide her clients throughout her work.

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