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Scaling Your Business: Tips And Mistakes With Kurt Uhlir

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Kurt Uhlir hailed as the “king of scaling,” is a marketing leader with a rich history of fostering growth in companies across various stages and sizes. From spearheading the scaling of early-stage startups to navigating growth strategies for enterprises with over $500 million in annual revenue, Kurt’s experience spans across six continents. Besides his role as an executive in a public company, he has also dedicated efforts to coaching mid-market companies, leveraging his formidable expertise in marketing and scaling businesses successfully. Kurt’s journey began in his teenage years when he founded two LLCs and sold his lawn care service business for six figures before embarking on college.

In this latest episode of Mister Biz Radio with host Ken Wentworth, listeners are treated to an insightful conversation with scaling expert Kurt Uhlir. Ken digs into Kurt’s breadth of experience that stretches across various business stages as they delve into the nuanced and critical topic of scaling your business. The show kicks off with an energetic intro from Ken, setting the stage for an episode brimming with practical wisdom and actionable advice for business owners looking to catapult their growth.

Key Takeaways:

-Consider and discuss what would break if your business saw a tenfold increase in throughput to help uncover potential friction points.
-Evaluate who is making decisions within your team and provide coaching to enhance decision-making and reduce future bottlenecks.
-Acknowledge that leaders might be wrong about certain aspects of their business, which is a pivotal step in fostering a growth mindset.
-Focus on treating employees well and providing a supportive work environment to not only reduce churn but also assist in recruitment efforts.
-Business leaders should spend the majority of their time as ‘mad scientists’, innovating and experimenting to push their business forward.

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