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Relationship Hacks Episode 12

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Using my 24 years experience of being a self employed, stay at home, work from home Dad to three kids, including 2 autistic boys, while also being a relationship coach for the last 15 years, I give daily insights and advice designed to help men just like you!. This is a mens support channel where I speak on the good and bad of everything that we face as men. Not just dating and relationship advice, but I also provide mens health tips as well, including our physical and mental health. The war on masculinity is real, and I am your brother in arms as we fight to retain our true masculine selves.

My goal is to grow the channel to a size where I can host a weekly live stream where men are encouraged to come on and talk about the issues that they are facing, and get support/advice from me as well as anyone in the chat, you never know who is going to say that one thing you need to hear.
Twice per week I publish a podcast and will also release clips from that podcast. I also have special unscripted ” Stream of Consciousness” videos where I just put on my Go-Pro, hit the woods and simply see what comes out during my 1-2 hour walk.

If you are interested in a coaching session with me my email is [email protected] .

My life motto is the title of a Hall and Oates song..” Do What You Want Be What You Are” The second part becomes increasingly more difficult for men with every day that passes. My hope is for this channel to be a gathering place for men to bond , grow and release stress without worry or boundary.

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