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Home » ​@rajshamani On Podcasting, His Income And Relationship Hacks | Ep- 23 | Men’s Locker Room | Mensxp

​@rajshamani On Podcasting, His Income And Relationship Hacks | Ep- 23 | Men’s Locker Room | Mensxp

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In this episode of Men’s Locker Room, we’re in conversation with Raj Shamani. A content creator and founder of House of X, with more than a million fans on both Youtube & Instagram, his podcast called Figuring Out is loved by everyone. He makes knowledge, fun, and self-admittedly is always trying to learn something new.

He talks about how he has made basics look cool by becoming everyone’s daily reminder, and about the reasons he started podcasting. He also shares his candid opinion about the “Indian Dream” and how he always wanted to make it big and fulfil his aspirations and help others do so. He further tells how he’s very passionate about the art of brand building and how it feeds his curiosity to know about what makes people tick. He shares how his finances have grown over the years and how he prioritizes the money.

He shares his perspective on failure and his experiences of losing money. He also mentions how he really admires sportspersons and hip-hop artists, sharing his admiration for King, Honey Singh and Badshah. He talks about his understanding of relationships and how men and women, though different, can learn from each other in the course of any relationship. Further, he also talks about the best way to say sorry in a relationship. We then get to play some games with him, where he also shares some valuable investment insights that will definitely help you manage your finances better. To explore the insightful mind of this ever-inquisitive podcaster, watch the full episode.

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00:39 – Intro
01:53 – Raj is everyone’s daily reminder
02:25 – Zero se Hero with the “Indian Dream”
04:26 – Reading books to solve problems
05:45 – How he grew passionate about earning money
08:00 – He’s crazy about brand building!
09:37 – Financial growth over the years
14:10 – His take on failures
17:10 – Sadhika and Raj share their mutual admiration for King
18:28 – Best thing about Honey Singh
19:37 – Why Badshah stands out from his competition
22:10 – Figuring out women ft Raj Shamani
30:25 – Best way to say sorry in a relationship
32:47 – Game Face On with Raj Shamani
38:56 – Amazing investment tips from Raj

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