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Powerful Tips For Transforming Your Mindset For Business Success

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One of the coolest things about entrepreneurship is watching people grow. It doesn’t matter who you are and what skills you have. Go out and do it. You will learn along the way.

Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers is a living embodiment of those words. He grew up hearing that he was useless, dropped out of college, but ended up becoming a Co-Founder and President of a super successful business. Today, his company generates $11 million in sales with about 25-30 employees. His only regret is not starting the company when he was 18. He did it at 21.

Meet Patrick Tannous, President & Co-founder of @TiestaTea Company – a tea brand that’s on a mission to make loose-leaf tea understandable, accessible and affordable. Tiesta Tea is sourcing over 150 ingredients from across the globe and blending them into loose-leaf teas and herbal beverages.

During our conversation, Patrick shares his success story from humble beginnings to what he and his business partner have today. Tune in to learn how to stick to your path, work for the goal, deal with multiple failures, and cultivate the right mindset in the process.

Coming up:

►How to become an expert in sales in less than a month;
►How to cultivate the right mindset to become an entrepreneur;
►Why it is best to start your business as early as possible;
►How the community and mastermind groups can help you grow as an entrepreneur;
►Why marketing is essential for effective sales;

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