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Onedrive For Business Tips & Tricks That Everyone Should Know

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Hold on to your hats as I take you on a deep dive inside Microsoft Onedrive for Business. With more tips and tricks that you can shake a stick at. Onedrive goes from strength to strength, and in this session you will learn everything about OFB. From how it works, to sharing, security, and a few hidden admin features that I’ll bet you never knew were there.

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00:00 Introduction
01:35 Tips & Tricks for Users
01:49 Navigating Onedrive for business
03:16 Tip Delete & Restore files easily
05:21 Use Office Apps Online
07:00 Work with previous versions
07:40 Working with Context Sensitive Toolbars
07:55 Tip Automate Onedrive for Business
09:32 Onedrive for Business Vs SharePoint Document Libraries
10:30 Sharing files Easily
12:21 Tip Managing Access easily
12:48 Tip Get more from Onedrive through Delve
13:55 Onedrive & SharePoint Admin Center
14:18 Sharing Policies made easy
16:10 Set an expiry date on a shared file
18:04 Important sharing settings
21:22 How to restrict Onedrive Access to users
21:48 Hidden settings that you MUST Know
24:10 Session conclusions

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