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Mindset Tips For Success | The Growth Hub Global

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To those who are new to the channel, The Growth Hub is an outsourcing business based in Australia empowering businesses and people globally. Be sure to like and subscribe so we can share more content like this!

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00:00:16 Introduction
00:01:56 Where did her desire of helping out others come from
00:05:36 Three key things to Success
00:07:25 How do you create an impactful vision
00:12:29 Navigating roadblocks and keeping a focus
00:13:56 How to identify fears and obstacles that are stopping us
00:18:29 Lofty questions
00:23:22 Her transformation and how long it took
00:25:05 What matters most is consistency
00:26:57 What Cathy does and where to reach her for support
00:31:37 Facebook Group and Website
00:33:19 Close

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