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Marriage Tip #12: A Marriage Hack. We Agree With Esther Perel That There Are Ways To Fight Smarter.

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We agree with Esther Perel; there are ways to fight smarter. A marriage hack to resolor marriage tip can conflict in relationships. Can life hacks for married couples be a conflict resolution technique? Great quetions.

I’m Chuck Rodgers, licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist. And I’m Keith Dunn, a network engineer. Together we’re Tabletop Coffee & we are bold & never bitter. We continue our Marriage Tip Series dealing with double binds. Yes, we agree with Esther Perel that there are ways to fight smarter, that there are ways to resolve conflicts by various marriage tips.

Double binds-darned if you do & darned if you don’t. It’s the lose-lose situation in marriage conflict. An example of a lose-lose situation is when married couples conflict over money.

More bills than money? To cover the need, you work more hours. Then you work more & don’t have enough time for your spouse. Which do I do? Do I work more or do we not have enough money?

Another one is that I’m complaining about money to my wife & she says, “Let’s trim the budget.” I say, “We can’t trim that because that’s something I enjoy.” Then she’s stuck worrying, “Do we not have enough money?” Or she’s stuck worrying about me complaining about the things that she wants to cut. Each week, we talk of how to resolve conflict in relationships by marriage tips or life hacks for married couples.

In supervision I was talking with one of my great residents, Wolfgang a marriage expert. He has a hack. It’s a conflict resolution technique used to help couples. It’s really a Life hack for married couples. Couples get into conflicts where one spouse is putting the other in a double bind. He tells them this phrase. Say, “Well, how can I support you with that?” This is more than just a conflict resolution technique for couples. It’s a way of life.

That’s a great life hack for married couples. “How can I support you in this?” Or “What is it that you would like for me to do?” That marriage tip should move to the front. I wish I could move that marriage tip video to number one.

So you’re asking, “I’d like you to make a request.” What will I be doing or what will I be saying? “I have to give an answer & then I have to be okay with the answer that is given.” How can I support you with that?” Thank you, Wolfgang, for helping us with our marriage tip video tonight. And yes, we agree with Esther Perel that there are ways to fight smarter.

Question & Topics from tonight’s show:
Marriage Tips
Life hacks for married couples
Resolve conflict in relationships
A conflict resolution technique
We agree with Esther Perel that there are ways to fight smarter.

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