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How To Manage And Organize Money (finance Book Methods)

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How to manage and organize Money (Finance book methods)

Understand through this video, with examples and simple explanations how to manage and organize money the right way, according to techniques and methods from great personal finance books!

To understand how to manage your money, it is not necessary to understand only how to save money but how to do Financial Planning and start researching how to invest money, because it is as the book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind says, that to be successful in personal finance we need to focus on earning, conserving and investing this money, and not just earning and spending.

Basically, when it comes to how to manage money, people already imagine that this is a matter for the rich, and they say: “I don’t need to manage my money by earning little.”However, the notion of financial education and organizing money is a subject for all income groups, because if you do not know how to organize money earning little, earning a minimum wage for example, you will not be able to manage if you receive a higher salary.

To better manage money we must, in addition to having long-term thinking, we also need to know how to save money and put money together to invest at the current time, so that in the future we receive income from these investments.

Well, it’s like the example I did in the book itself, about the rich mentality of managing money, knowing how to control expenses and spending only what is necessary to invest a part every month. And the poor mentality of just getting the money, not organizing your money, just spending it all every month.

In addition to the concept of how to manage and organize money, we must also keep in mind the concept of assets and liabilities spoken in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, understanding what is unnecessary spending and investments capable of generating income.

Many think about just raising money, without understanding about investments and not thinking about the long term, which are the primary topics, so you have this goal.

Therefore, we do need to follow tips to save money, because if we spend everything, we will not even have money to manage or manage, but the focus should be beyond just saving, and yes in investing so that compound interest does their part over time, so if you are still in adolescence today, you are already at an advantage, being able to see these compound interest before social retirement.

And since here is a finance channel, I will bring basic tips regarding the subject according to good finance books!

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