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How To Achieve Success In Real Estate: Mindset And Actionable Tips #shorts

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“Discipline, Focus, and Resilience: Real Estate Lessons from a Black Belt, Sam Wegert”

Sam Wegert was homeschooled K-12 with his seven siblings. At 15 years old, with a loan of $15,000 from his parents, he purchased his first martial arts school and graduated high school that same year.

Over the next 15 years, he expanded to 6 brick and mortar locations and through COVID built an online program. His company, UpLevel Martial Arts now has over 1,500 students and has trained more than 20,000 students in martial arts in 25 states and 3 provinces in Canada.

Throughout his martial arts career, Sam joined GoBundance as the youngest member at the time in 2014 and began to invest in real estate through short-term rentals and co-living properties. He partnered with his wife and now together they own 8 short-term rentals and 115 co-living beds.

Sam is now passive in both his real estate investments and his martial arts business and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Rachel who is a HUGE supporter and his business partner.

As a coach in entrepreneurship, real estate, and martial arts, Sam helps people identify and overcome the obstacles in their lives so they can pursue their passions.

He knows that everyone has the potential to achieve great things, and he’s dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. He has an uncanny ability to quickly diagnose the root of a problem and provide a solution that is tailored to each individual.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, buy a new home, or learn self-defense, Sam can help you achieve your goals.

Sam is the Co-Author of The Modern-Day Blackbelt. Bill and Sam Wegert, father and son, share stories of how their homeschooled family of eight kids got involved in martial arts.

The book describes the innovative training program called UpLevel Martial Arts that Sam, along with his three rock-star siblings, Tim, Abbey, and William, Jr. developed that is strengthening families and preparing young people for life.

Along with an amazing team of instructors, UpLevel has trained over 15,000 students to become Modern-Day Black Belts across the United States and worldwide through the cutting-edge UpLevel @Home Academy. This book explains how they do it and how you can get involved.

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