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Home » How Big Should Your Emergency Fund $$ Be? (brian Bickett) #finance #personalfinance

How Big Should Your Emergency Fund $$ Be? (brian Bickett) #finance #personalfinance

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Brian Bickett joins us to discuss financial planning.

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Over 321 books from 170 plus interviews over 5 years

Over 321 books from 170 interviews over 5 years for autodidacts

The Learning With Lowell show is a series for the everyday mammal. In this show we’ll learn about leadership, science, and people building their change into the world. The goal is to dig deeply into people who most of us wouldn’t normally ever get to hear. The Host of the show – Lowell Thompson- is a lifelong autodidact, serial problem solver, and founder of startups.

Youtube clips:

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Financial basics
03:15 Emergency funds
05:08 Where to store emergency funds
09:10 Handling Debt
12:30 Budgeting
15:55 Rich dad / poor dad and using debt
20:10 Securing mentors
22:50 What to do after having an emergency fund
25:45 Stocks
28:00 Planning for home
31:00 Credit card debt
34:50 Investing any amount of money
38:15 Finding good financial planners
41:20 Reporting bad actors
44:45 Life insurance
50:30 Trusts
53:25 Time to make a financial plan
57:45 Personal story/ death in family and finding path into financial planning
01:05:50 Keeping backup records
01:08:55 Becoming a financial planner
01:11:10 Books for financial literacy

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