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Healy What’s Up Wednesday | March Promos; Business Tips With Peter Christoff, Managing Director Amer

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Here are the topics we covered during What’s Up Wednesday on March 13, 2024. Join us live on Zoom every Wednesday at 1:00 pm EST at!

0:00 Introduction
3:28 Healy Americas Homecoming 2024! May 17th-19th 2024 in Cancun, Mexico
5:32 Homecoming Agenda
9:16 Homecoming Speakers
13:23 Congratulations to our Homecoming Qualifiers!
13:54 Book your room now (How-to)
18:37 Blossom Your Business: Spring into Success Promotion! Earn a ticket to Homecoming for free! Validity varies.
21:08 Healy Luxury VIP Retreat – Qualification Point System
25:33 Congratulations to our VIP Retreat Qualifiers!
25:59 Interest-Free Financing with Klarna in the US available this month!
26:16 Sprint into Spring Promotion: Valid until March 31st, 2024
27:33 Spring Fling Promotion: Save 50% on the MagHealy Professional! Valid until March 18th, 2024
28:37 Blossom Blast Promotion: 50% off the HealAdvisor Analyze Meridian Module! Valid until March 31st, 2024
30:00 Spring Soul Promotion: Get the Soul Cycle for a lifetime at only US $120.50! Valid until March 31st, 2024.
31:39 Paws & Claws Promotion: Make the HealAdvisor Animal Module yours forever! Valid until March 31st, 2024
32:57 Promotional Overviews
35:55 March Promotions At-A-Glance
36:26 Closing of the Month: March 31st, 7:59 PM EST
36:58 It All Starts in Your Head: A conversation with Peter Christoff, Managing Director North America

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