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Healthy Habits (for 2023) – Nutrition With Sammy (family Health, Parents)

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Happy New Year!

Every heard of a New Years Resolution? It is all about creating new healthy habits which are great for our overall health and ultimately helping us to feel and be our best!

In this video I talk about what habits are, how we create them and I also share with you some unhealthy habits (including some of Midas’!) as well as my top 5 healthy habits I have created over time. Healthy habits take time to create – I also give you 4 tips on how to stick with those new healthy habits.

If you want to learn more about –

– what nutrition is – you can watch it here
– what I do as a nutritionist –
– 4 stages that happen in our digestive factory –
– Our digestive factory workers –
– Why Nutrition is so important?! –

We also have nutrition games, out on location and in the kitchen videos!!!

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Our bodies are amazing! It is my mission to help parents and kids become more interested in getting to know their bodies and nourishing themselves while having fun.

Sammy ❤️

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nutrition with Sammy recommends you consult your health practitioner regarding any general advice or dietary tips given in these videos.

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