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Health Tips #healthylifestyle #selfcare #health #healthtips

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Health Tips #healthylifestyle #selfcare #health #healthtips #healthy #healthcare #diet #dietplan #healthyfood #healthyfoodrecipes #foodie #food #healthawareness #healthymeals #nutrition #eating

Healthy Tips
1. People who sleep on their stomach are at risk of heart attack and are more lazy than normal people. So you should always sleep upright.
2. Consumption of cucumber is beneficial for your hair and it contains up to 95% water, which enhances the glow of your skin.
3. Drinking cold water causes swelling in the body systems, which affects your metabolism. You may also get tonsils due to cold water.
4. Eat at least two bananas before going to the gym because two bananas have the energy to last for 90 minutes.

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