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From Casual To Committed| Pleasure Hacks To Elevate Your Love Life

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September is Pleasure Your Mate Month! Whether you are in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, or you’ve been together for decades, it’s always important to maintenance your connection and emotional bonds with your partner(s). Research studies have shown that individuals in happy and healthy intimate relationships are more likely to feel happier and satisfied with their lives. The better our social wellness and cultivation of happy and healthy relationships the less likely we are to have physical and mental health problems. Many of us don’t understand how to cultivate healthy, happy, and lasting relationships nor do we focus on having relationships that are pleasure-centered and growth oriented.

If you’re stomped on ideas of how to pleasure your mate or cultivate a happy and healthy relationship. Don’t worry, that’s why Shamaree Brissett, Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Expert, and Intimacy coach is here with us today to educate us on how to pleasure our partners in and out of the bedroom to have long, lasting, happy, and exciting romantic and intimate relationships.

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Time Stamps:
00:00-01:32 Pleasure Hacks To Elevate Your Love Life Overview
01:32-03:57 Special Guest Introduction
03:57-05:17 Get To Know Shamaree Brissett, Intimacy Coach
05:17-05:49 What Is An Intimacy Coach
05:49-06:41 The Importance Of Female Sexual Empowerment
06:41-08:05 Shamaree Lab, LLC, Relationship Coaching Services
08:05-09:40 Self-Defining Love, Sex, And Relationships
09:40-11:00 How To Please Your Partner Tips
11:00-12:13 How To Work On Your Physical Connection And Emotional Bonds
12:13-13:57 How To Grow And Evolve Together In A Relationship
13:57-16:33 Tips for navigating conversations about romantic and sexual boundaries
16:33-18:04 Healthy Relationship Tips
18:04-19:36 Why Is Pleasure Important In Relationships
19:36-20:53 Relationship Communication Tips
20:53-24:37 How To Improve Communication In Relationships
24:37-25:30 The benefits of sharing intimate moments with your partner
25:30-27:20 How To Find Shared Hobbies With Your Partner
27:20-29:03 How To Build Trust And Companionship In A Relationship
29:03-30:27 Healthy Relationship Signs
30:27-32:41 Tips for nurturing healthy relationship habits in a new relationship
32:41-34:25 How To Collaborate In A Relationship
34:25-37:10 How can partners show appreciation and gratitude for each other
37:10-38:24 How To Deepen Emotional Intimacy In Relationships
38:24-39:54 How do we maintain a strong emotional connection as our relationship evolves
39:54-41:09 Tips For Providing Emotional Support To A Partner
41:09-42:30 Why is sexual intimacy important to relationship satisfaction
42:30-43:51 Tips For Having Judgment-Free Sexual Conversations
43:51-46:12 How to increase sexual pleasure in the bedroom
46:12-48:08 Tips To Pleasure Your Partner Beyond Sex
48:08-50:22 How To Rekindle Desire In A Relationship
50:22-52:21 Healthy Relationship Myths
52:21-53:12 Sex Shouldn’t Hurt
53:12-54:05 Expert Advice For Trying To Understand Your Body And Sexuality
54:05-54:41 Follow ShamareeLab On Social Media
54:41-55:42 The Intercourse Discourse Conclusion

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