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Creating Financial Empowerment ! #youtubeshorts #takechances

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Why We Need to Rebuild Black Wall Street: Creating Financial Empowerment

No you didn’t You got that off of some black person You know what I’m saying That had the knowledge but didn’t have the finance You know what I’m saying So you just took his stuff. And say this is mine And there wasn’t nothing he could do about it You know what I’m saying We need to bring back a black Wall Street Yes Black Wall Street But you know what. But our problem and our neck of the woods. We can’t get along We can’t get together We can’t come together for nothing in the world Then everybody. Everybody want to be the chief and no Indians You know what I’m saying Just like we were talking earlier #financial education #personal finance #personal finance tips #personal finance management #personal finance for beginners #personal finance 101 #financial empowerment #personal finance education #tulsa race massacre #money management #financial literacy #personal finance literacy

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